Standardization Of Animal Diets In Indian Zoos.
Size 205 MB
Proceedings Of "National Workshop On  Protocol For The Veterinary Care And Safety Of Wild Animals During Transportation With Special Reference To Deer Species”.
  Size 19 MB
“Protocol For The Veterinary Care And Safety Of Wild Animals During Transportation With Special Reference To Deer Species”.
Size 18 MB
Managing Population explosion among Spotted Deer.
Size 103 MB
Ecto And Endo Parasites Of Captive Animals And Birds Of Nanadankanan Zoo .
Size 92 MB
Behavioural Study for conservation breeding of  Asiatic Black Bear (Ursus Thibetanus) in Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Darjeeling.
Size 6 MB
Veterinary Management Of Captive Asian Elephants.
Size 6 MB
Model Disaster Management Plan For Zoological Parks Of India .
Size 100 MB
Standardization of Records Keeping in Indian Zoos and Marking Animals for Identification.
Size 2 MB
Guidelines For Upkeep Of Reptiles In Zoos And Parks.
Size 5 MB
Standards, Guidelines And Protocol on Disease, Diagnosis and Cure of Wild Animals in Indian Zoos.
Size  74 MB
Guidelines For Establishment And Scientific Management Of Zoos In India.
Size 0.5 MB
Zoo Education Master Plan.
Size 22 MB
Adding Value To Zoo Visits : An Ideas Sourcebook For Master Zoo Education Plan.
Size 6 MB
Captive Breeding Of Stump Tailed Macaque At Aizawl Zoological Park With Reference To The Type Of Habitat In The Enclosure.
Size 0.5 MB
Barrier Designs For Zoos .
Size 50 MB
A Manual Of Transport Cages And Nest Boxes.
Size 1.67 MB
Colour Atlas On Parasites Of Captive Wild Animals. 
Size 20 MB
Concept Paper On In-Situ Ex-Situ Linkage -Conservation Breeding Of Endangered Wild Animal Species In India.
Size 0.6 MB
Master Planning Of Zoos - Proceedings Of Training Programme On Master Planning Of Zoos For Directors And Managers Of Zoos In India . Size 38 MB
Proceedings Of International Conference On “India’s Conservation Breeding Initiative".
Size 110 MB
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Statutory body under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
Zoos In India- Legislation, Policy, Guidelines and Strategy 2014.
Size 1.48 MB
Designing of Enclosures for Indian Zoos.
Size 60 MB
Ex-situ Management of Amphibians. Size 1.5 MB
Guidelines for Developing Mechanism for Mobilizing Financial Support for Supplementing Management of Zoos.
Size : 24 MB
Guidelines on Minimum Dimensions of Enclosures for Housing Exotic Animals of Different Species.
Size : 0.9 MB
Protocols for Transportation of Wild Animals.
Size : 24 MB
Guidelines for Prioritizing Grant of Financial Assistance to Zoos.
Size : 7 MB
Guidelines for Utilization of Volunteers in Zoo Management in India.
Size : 10 MB
Indian Endangered, Threatened and rare Forest and Sea Mammals, Reptiles, Nocturnal and Birds Species (Hindi)
Size 286 MB
Workshop / Conference on Reproduction and Welfare of Endangered Animals in Conservation Breeding.
Size : 2 MB
Two Decades for Conservation & Welfare of Animals housed in Indian Zoos.
Size : 7 Mb
Working Manual on Red Panda Conservation Breeding Programme
Size : 5 MB
Vision 2020 - Ex-situ Conservation, Planning and Improvement of Zoos.
Size : 1.6 MB
Working Manual of Snow Leopard Conservation Breeding Programme
Size : 6 MB
Proceedings of The Coordinating meeting of expert group on Conservation Breeding for Vulture Conservation Breeding programme of Central Zoo Authority
Size : 5 MB
Appraisal Reports on the Housing facilities provided to the Asian Elephant in the zoos Size : 10 MB
Zoo Designing and Landscape Architecture Size : 13 MB
Study of Snow Leopard at Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Darjeeling Size : 12 MB
Development and Maintenance of Studbooks of selected endangered faunal types in Indian Zoos.
Size : 7 MB
Endangered species recovery Workshop Size : 33 MB
Working Manual on Vulture Conservation Breeding Programme
Size : 10 MB
“Common foot ailments in captive Asian Elephants of south India” -Final report
Size : 4 MB
Designing Enclosures & Landscape Planning of Indian Zoos
Size : 19 MB
Workshop on conservation, education and zoos.
Size : 16 MB
Ex-situ Wildlife conservation and Zoo in India.
Size : 8 MB
Proceedings of Hands of Training Workshop on Conservation Breeding of Pheasants in Darjeeling (West Bengal)
Size : 9 MB
Zoos in India - Legislation, policy, guidelines and Strategies(2009).
Size : 54 MB
Techniques and procedure for post-mortem of elephants.
Size : 2 MB
Zoos - Instrument for conservation
Size : 4 MB
Compendium on All India Zoo Veterinarian Conference
Size : 2 MB
National Pedigree book of Bengal Tiger Size : 5 MB
Dietary Husbandry of Wild Mammalia. Size : 13 MB
Basic Post-mortem requisites for zoo veterinarians 
Size : 2 MB
Zoos - Centre of conservation. Vision Evolved at Strategic Future Search Workshop, Hyderabad.
Size : 3 MB
A compendium of publication from Indian Zoos Vol - III
Size : 44 MB
National Pedigree book of Asiatic Lion Size : 4 MB
A compendium of publication from Indian Zoos Vol - I
Size : 36 MB
A compendium of publication from Indian Zoos Vol - II
Size : 32 MB
Workshop on Health and Management of Zoo Animals for zoo Veterinarians
Size : 5 MB
Proceedings of Training Workshop on Conservation Management of Red Panda..
Size : 8 MB
Small Population Dynamics Briefing Book.
Size : 11 MB
Vortex : Population Modelling - With L.T.M. case study.
Size : 9 MB
Indira Gandhi Vision on Wildlife conservation:  Proceedings of the Symposium and workshop on “Scientific  Management as an instrument for conservation of wildlife”
Size : 10 MB
Briefing book for Workshop on Indira Gandhi Vision on Wildlife conservation: The zoo as one such instrument.
Size : 29 MB
Papers for presentation in the Workshop on Indira Gandhi Vision on Wildlife conservation: The zoo as one such instrument
Size : 14 MB
Recognition of Zoo Rules, 1992” 
Size : 2 MB