Guidelines for Management of Zoos

# Title Download
1 Additional Guidelines incorporating prohibitory provisions for the preparation of the Master Plan for the long term Development of the Zoos Download
2 Checklist for Master Plan submission Download
3 Checklist for scrutiny of animal enclosure designs Download
4 Financial Guidelines for Evaluators. Download
5 Format for Preparation of Master Plan Download
6 Guidelines and Procedure to be followed by Ministries / Departments in connection with Parliament Questions. Download
7 Guidelines for care and management of captive elephants Download
8 Guidelines for Developing Framework Mechanism for Mobilizing Financial Support for Supplementing Management of Zoo. Download
9 Guidelines for diversion of forests land for non-forestry purpose under Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 for establishment /construction of Zoo Download
10 Guidelines for Establishment & Scientific Management of Zoos in India. Download
11 Guidelines for exchange or transfer of animals between zoos Download
12 Guidelines for facilitating effective Scientific management of zoos in India in consonance with Rule 10 of RZR, 2009 Download
13 Guidelines for grant of approval by Central Zoo Authority for establishment of new zoos. Download
14 Guidelines for management and maintenance of elephants in circuses Download
15 Guidelines for marking of Animals and Birds Download
16 Guidelines for release of zoo animals into the wild Download
17 Guidelines for Safari Parks which are Working either as Zoo or as Extension to Zoos Download
18 Guidelines for setting up of Deer parks Download
19 Guidelines for the Preparation of the Master Plan of Zoos Download
20 Guidelines for the Utilization of Volunteers in Zoo Management in India Download
21 Guidelines for transport of captive wild animals Download
22 Guidelines on use of Innovative Exhibit Design and Barriers for holding and display of animals and birds in Indian Zoos. Download
23 Guidelines onr Minimum Dimensions of Enclosures for Housing Animals of Different Species in zoos Download
24 Guidelines to establish tiger safari in buffer and fringe areas of tiger reserve Download
25 Guidelines/Norms for Conservation Breeding Programme of the Central Zoo Authority Download
26 IUCN Guidelines for Re-introduction Download
27 IUCN Guidelines for the Placement of Confiscated Animals Download
28 IUCN Policy Statement - Captive Breeding Download
29 IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria Download
30 Procedure and process for acquiring animals from zoos abroad Download
31 Procedure for import of live animals and notifying the list of animals classified under livestock Download
32 Protocols for Transportation of Wild Animals Download
33 Recommended guidelines during stakeholder meetings on Elephants Upkeep in Zoos (held on 18.3.2013 & 25.10.2013) Download