Information about Zoos


# Name of the Zoo Location State Recognition/Cancellation Download
61 A.N.Jha Deer Park Hauz khas (New Delhi) Delhi Recognized Download
62 Deer Park, Dilshad Garden Dilsad Garden Delhi Derecognized Download
63 Deer Park, Jhilmil Jhilmil Delhi Derecognized Download
64 Friendicoes-Seca Animal Shelter Deffence Colony Delhi Derecognized Download
65 National Zoological Park Delhi Delhi Recognized Download
66 Wildlife Sos Deffence Colony Delhi Derecognized Download
67 Bondla Zoo Usgao Goa Recognized Download
68 Ambardi Wildlife Interpretation Zone (Ambardi Safari Park) Amreli Gujarat Recognized Download
69 Animal Hospital, Madalpur Ahmedabad Gujarat Derecognized Download
70 Balbhavan Rajkot Gujarat Derecognized Download

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