Orders and Circulars

# Name Date Download
41 Release of surplus stock of captive animals 13/03/2008 Download
42 Submission of proposals for animals exchange/acquisition/transfer of the wild animals listed in Schedule I & II of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 23/11/2007 Download
43 Circular on Submission of inventory of the animals housed in zoos 29/10/2007 Download
44 Circular on Providing financial assistance to Zoos for carrying out enrichment activities in the existing animal enclosures as well as the enclosure proposed to be constructed 02/04/2007 Download
45 Population Control Measures for Hybrid lions and tigers of Doubtful lineage 08/11/2006 Download
46 Circular on Incidence of bird flu (Avian influenza H5N1) 17/03/2006 Download
47 Circular on Incidence of bird flu (Avian influenza H5N1) 20/02/2006 Download
48 Measures for preventing Avian Influenza 20/09/2005 Download
49 Suggested Health Monitoring Protocol for Zoos 18/11/2004 Download
50 Monitoring of Hygiene and Incidence of Blood Borne Disease in Zoos 20/06/2003 Download

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