Zoo Information
Name of the Zoo Karimnagar Deer Park
Zoo Clasification Mini Zoo
Zoo Location Karimnagar
Area(Hect.) of the zoo 12 0.00
Year Of Establishment 2004
Incharge Name Sh. M.A. Wahab
Incharge Designation Forest Range Officer
Address of the Zoo Karimnagar West Division & In-Charge, Karimnagar Deer Park, Lower Manair Dam (L.M.D), Karimnagar, Karimnagar District, Telangana
Veterinary Officer
State Telangana
Telephone Number 94408 10379 (FRO)
Email Id frokarimnagar@gmail.com
Status (Recognized/Cancelled) Recognized
Recognized Upto 8/23/2018
No. of Visitors (Annually) 209000
Controlling Authority Forest Range Officer, Karimnagar
Address of Controlling Authority
Phone Number of Controlling Authority
Remarks 1.Zoo should prepare and get the Master Plan approved by the CZA. 2.Zoos which are in operation at the time of these dialog shall prepare and get the Master Plan approved from the CZA within one year from the date of commencement of these rules. 3.The Master Plan referred in sub paragraph (1) & (2) shall inter-alia include all round development of the zoo for a period of twenty years which shall be revised every ten years along with a detailed layout plan prepared on the basis of the theme adopted by the zoo indicating the locations of green belts, lawns, gardens animal display area, visitors’ facility support infrastructure for animal upkeep and healthcare, building for administrative and maintenance unit. 4.The zoo shall in consultation with the CZA prepare a collection plan indicating the names of the species and maximum number of animals of each species to be homed into the zoo, having due regard to the congenially of the climatic conditions of the locality for the general health and infrastructural support for proper upkeep and healthcare of the species, proximity of the zoo to the habitat range of the species and the past record of the zoo in management and breeding of the species and no zoo shall compromise on housing and upkeep standards of animals for accommodating new species or additional animals for the species in its collection. 5.The existing deer enclosure to be expanded. Babul trees to be substituted with other native species with proper tree guards. The existing deer enclosure be made into four comportments separating each with chain-link mesh. Also deer species to be reduced as suggested by shifting elsewhere. Standoff barriers all along the wet moat be crated properly as per standards prescribed by CZA. Sign boards, warning boards of standard size to be fixed in front of the deer enclosure. 6.The present store room needs immediate improvement by providing cement platforms to store the ration for animals to avoid rates and other pests. 7.The zoo should post an officer of appropriate rank as whole time in-charge of the zoo with powers to take decision and ensure that adequate financial resources and infrastructural support is made available to such officer for proper housing, upkeep and healthcare of the zoo animals and managing the zoo in a planned manner.