Zoo Information
Name of the Zoo Parassinikkadavu Reptile Park
Zoo Clasification Small Zoo
Zoo Location Kanur
Area(Hect.) of the zoo 1.00
Year Of Establishment 1982
Incharge Name Prof. E.Kunhiraman
Incharge Designation Director
Address of the Zoo Parassinikadavu Snake Park, Kannur, Parassinikkadavu - 670 563, Kerala
Veterinary Officer Dr. M.P.Girish Babu
State Kerala
Telephone Number 0497 - 2780738, 09447770098
Fax 0497 - 2783631
Email Id pamcayur@gmail.com
Status (Recognized/Cancelled) Recognized
Recognized Upto 8/23/2017
No. of Visitors (Annually) 0
Controlling Authority
Address of Controlling Authority
Phone Number of Controlling Authority
Remarks 1.The Parassinikkadavu Snake Park should have appropriate enclosures for snakes,mammals & birds and mugger crocodile and animals received as of rescued should not form part of the collective plan & should be either sent to the rescue centre or handed over to Forest Department. 2.Domestic hens, turkey and dog to be removed 3.Two new enclosures for Mugger Crocodile and King Cobra have been constructed. All Other enclosures for mammals, birds and snakes are sub standard& new one should be constructed as per approved master layout plan and guidelines of CZA pertaining to housing and enrichment. ii)The stand off barrier are weak and fragile and should be strengthened as per CZA norms iii)Signage exists but are inadequate, additional animal information board are to be erected. 4.Post-mortem room should be constructed. 5.The following single sexed animals are housed in the zoo: Jungle cat 1:0 Toddy cat 4:0 White necked stork 0:1 Wolf snakes 1:0 Saw scaled viper 1:0 Pit Viper 0:2 Trinket snake 1:0 Red sand boa 0:1 Barn Owl 0:1 Fish Owl 0:1 Zoo must find mates for these animals or transfer them to other zoos.