Zoo Information
Name of the Zoo Assam State Zoo Cum Botanical Garden
Zoo Clasification Large Zoo
Zoo Location Guwahati
Area(Hect.) of the zoo 175
Year Of Establishment 1957
Incharge Name Shri S.K. Seal Sarma, Ifs
Incharge Designation Divisional Forest Officer
Address of the Zoo Assam State Zoo Division, R.G. Baruah Road, P.O. : Dispur, Guwahati – 781 005, Assam.
Veterinary Officer Dr.D.C.Deka, Dr. Upen Kakati
State Assam
Telephone Number 0361-2201363
Fax 0361-2263633
Email Id dfo.assamzoo@gmail.com
Status (Recognized/Cancelled) Recognized
Recognized Upto 8/28/2019
No. of Visitors (Annually) 430462
Controlling Authority Chief Conservator of Forests, Wildlife Assam
Address of Controlling Authority Rehbari, Guwahati – 781 008, Assam.
Phone Number of Controlling Authority 0361-2517064 (O) 0361-2547386 (Fax)/ 2610425
Remarks 1.The zoo shall establish and sustain population of physically, genetically and behaviorally healthy animal for the purpose of wildlife conservation. There are few primate species which are not present in the natural social grouping. Efforts should be made to acquire more animals from other zoos to exhibit them in social groups 2.The zoo does not have adequate quarantine and isolation facilities for animals. These facilities must be setup urgently. There is lack of adequate diagnostic equipment viz. blood and biochemistry analyzer and auto claves which should be procured urgently. 3.Some of the Standoff barriers constructed earlier are small, damaged and needs to be redesigned and constructed again to provide greater safety to the visitors. There are some warning Sign Boards for information to the visitors. Additional Sign Boards needs to be placed at various locations and enclosures. 4.There is adequate screening between the enclosures except few of the primate enclosures are cluttered and the deer enclosure are also scattered and needs to be placed in one section (Proposed in the master plan). The Bear and Leopard enclosures are adjacent to each other and needs to be separated by shifting leopard to the available vacant carnivore enclosure. 5.The zoo should develop a visitor circulation plan with identified and demarcated visitor routes and footpaths for regulated flow of visitors in the zoo. 6.The records on some basic parameters are being maintained presently, however, observation on biological, social behavior and reproductive physiology may be recorded separately for easy reference and retrieval.