Zoo Information
Name of the Zoo Malsi Deer Park (Dehra Dun Biological Park)
Zoo Clasification Mini Zoo
Zoo Location Dehradun
Area(Hect.) of the zoo 25
Year Of Establishment 1976
Incharge Name Sh. Prasana K. Patro
Incharge Designation Divisional Forest Officer,
Address of the Zoo Dehradun Forest Division, 5-Tilak Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
Veterinary Officer
State Uttarakhand
Telephone Number 0135-2627612
Fax 0135-2627612
Email Id prasana03ifs@gmail.com
Website www.uttaranchalforest.org (Forest Deptt. Uttarakhand)
Status (Recognized/Cancelled) Recognized
Recognized Upto 8/10/2017
No. of Visitors (Annually) 295000
Controlling Authority Chief Wild Life Warden, Uttarakhand
Address of Controlling Authority Chief Wild Life Warden, Government of Uttarakhand, 5-Chandrabani, P.O. – Mohbewala Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
Phone Number of Controlling Authority 0135-2644691 (O) 0135-2644691 (Fax)
Remarks 1.The mini Zoo is having in its collection birds, mammals and reptiles and is in the process of improving enclosures as per the lay out plan. Zoo has to strengthen conservation education and create interpretation facility in order to convey credible conservation message 2.The population of spotted deer housed at the zoo and needs to controlled by segregation of animal during rutting season and by birth control measures. 3.The circulation path for visitors as shown in the approved layout plan should be completed for movement of visitors. 4.Zoo has accepted rescued animal for which it does not have appropriately designed enclosure and upkeep facilities as well as the facilities for keeping it in isolation during quarantine period. The Rescue centre and other facilities should be constructed as per approved layout plan and design. 5.The Black buck, Turtle, Red jungle fowl and Sambar have to be paired on priority basis and if unable to pair, the zoo should transfer the animals or give on breeding loan to any other zoo in accordance with the norms specified by CZA. 5.The zoo should have a postmortem room in the location as approved in the layout plan 6.Standoff barriers have to be reconstructed in few enclosures as per CZA specification. Additional Sign boards and warning boards are required.