Zoo Information
Name of the Zoo Sajjangarh Biological Park (Udaipur Zoo)
Zoo Clasification Small Zoo
Zoo Location Udaipur
Area(Hect.) of the zoo 5.2
Year Of Establishment 1878
Incharge Name Ms. Damini, IFS
Incharge Designation Deputy Chief Wildlife Warden
Address of the Zoo Wildlife Division, Udaipur – 313 001, Rajasthan.
Veterinary Officer
State Rajasthan
Telephone Number 0294-2453686
Email Id dcfwludz@gmail.com
Status (Recognized/Cancelled) Recognized
Recognized Upto 8/28/2019
No. of Visitors (Annually) 410448
Controlling Authority Chief Wild Life Warden, Rajasthan
Address of Controlling Authority Chief Wild Life Warden, Government of Rajasthan, Van Bhawan, Vaniki Path, Jaipur – 302 005, Rajasthan.
Phone Number of Controlling Authority 0141-2227832/ 2354358 (O) 0141-2227832 (Fax)
Remarks 1.The visitor route should be clearly demarcated from left to right with provision of separate entry and exit gate as depicted in zoo brochure and handed over to ACF. 2.Slaughter house needs to be improved with immediate effect by providing proper drainage for leftovers. Clean water and provide feeding turf and provision for clean water. 3.Remove the common animals like blue rock pigeon & rabbits from the aviary. 4.(a) Shift the Hyena to empty space vacant after death of tiger. (b) Immediate action to increase the depth of the earth in porcupine enclosures is needed. (c) Restrict the visitor viewing site to 25% and not allowing the visitors towards the night shelter. (d) The Emu should immediately be shifted to near aviary in the open enclosure. (e) Remove the separator of chain link fence in the Crocodile enclosure and allow the male and female to be together as they are now quite acquainted with each other and no fighting being reported. 5.Shift the tortoise to the reptiles section and separate all the parakeets in different sections. 6.(i) Provide more area for wolf dismantling separator. Get the wolf pair or shift to other recognized zoo. (ii) The Himalayan black bear enclosure should be dismantled and provide open area for the animal with proper enrichment and make effort to pair till animals are shifted to Sajjangarh.