Zoo Information
Name of the Zoo Snake Park, Malampuzha
Zoo Clasification Mini Zoo
Zoo Location Malampuzha
Area(Hect.) of the zoo 0.29
Year Of Establishment 1984
Incharge Name Dfo, Pallakkad
Address of the Zoo Palakkad Forest Division, Palakkad - 9, Kerala
Veterinary Officer
State Kerala
Telephone Number 0491-2555156
Email Id dfo-plkd.for@kerala.gov.in
Status (Recognized/Cancelled) Recognized
Recognized Upto 8/23/2018
No. of Visitors (Annually) 440831
Controlling Authority
Address of Controlling Authority
Phone Number of Controlling Authority
Remarks 1. There is a little scope to expand the area. However, during 2010, Sh. P. S. Mani DFO, Palakkad has informed that the irrigation department has set aside same 33 cents for further extension and development of the Snake Park. Efforts should be made to acquire the land so that new enclosures can be constructed with the approval of the Master Plan by CZA. The Master Plan of the Snake Park shall have to be got approved urgently. 2.The Snake Park should maintain record of the births, acquisitions, deaths and disposals of animals of each species in its collection in the manner and in the format determined by the Central Zoo Authority and the inventory of the animals in the collection of each zoo, along with the details mentioned above for each financial year shall be submitted to the Central Zoo Authority by 30th day of April of the ensuing year in Form II. 3.Provided that the details in respect of the animals pertaining to the species included in Schedule I and Schedule II to the Act, along with the detailed reasons of death identified on the basis of the post-mortem examination reports shall be submitted to the Central Zoo Authority every quarter, within a period of fifteen days of the end of that quarter. 4.No physical handling or performances of Snakes is permitted as part of educational activity.