To complement and strengthen the national efforts in conservation of the biodiversity of the country, particularly the fauna through the ex-situ conservation linked
with in-situ practices.
To provide better upkeep and veterinary care to the wild animal housed in zoos in India to ensure their conservation through best practices of management and
bringing education & awareness among the people.
specify the minimum standards for housing, upkeep and veterinary care of the animals kept in a zoo;
evaluate and assess the functioning of zoos with respect tot he standards or the norms as may be prescribed;
recognise or derecognise zoos;
identify endangered species of wild animals for purposes of captive breeding and assigning responsibility in this regard to a zoo;
co-ordinate the acquisition, exchange and loaning of animals for breeding purposes;
ensure maintenance of stud-books of endangered species of wild animals bred in captivity;
identify priorities and themes with regard to display of captive animals in a zoo;
co-ordinate training of zoo personnel in India and outside India;
co-ordinate research in captive breeding and educational programmes for the purposes of zoo;
provide technical and other assistance to zoos for their proper management and development on scientific lines;
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Statutory body under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change