Orders and Circulars

# Name Date Download
21 Circular on Documentation of the activities carried out at the zoo with the financial assistance of the Central Zoo Authority Responsibility of states to explore possibilities 19/05/2011 Download
22 Circular on Surplus population of Leopards in Zoos 05/05/2011 Download
23 Circular on Prohibition on feeding of live animals/birds to zoo animals being a punishable offense u/s 11 (m) Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 07/02/2011 Download
24 Circular related to Leptospirosis 04/10/2010 Download
25 Alert related to Salmonella Infection in tigers 20/09/2010 Download
26 Circular on Acquisition of animals by the zoos 16/08/2010 Download
27 Circular on Guidelines for the preparation of Master Plan for the zoos. 05/07/2010 Download
28 Sale of Zoo animals 25/01/2010 Download
29 Circular on Banning elephants from Zoo collections 07/11/2009 Download
30 Notice on Submission of Master plan for the long-term development of the Zoos. 24/09/2009 Download

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