Orders and Circulars

# Name Date Download
21 Circular on Zoo surveillance plan to safeguard animals, visitors and attendants in the zoos 24/09/2014 Download
22 Minutes of the follow up of 1st stakeholders Meeting on Elephant Upkeep in Zoos held on 25th October, 2013 01/11/2013 Download
23 Circular on Policy on Establishment of Dolphinarium 13/08/2013 Download
24 Circular on Policy on Establishment of Dolphinarium 17/05/2013 Download
25 Minutes of the stakeholders Consultative Meeting on Elephants Upkeep in Zoos held on 18th March 2013 04/05/2013 Download
26 Circular on Guidelines for submission of design of the animals enclosure to the Central Zoo Authority. 12/09/2011 Download
27 Circular on Documentation of the activities carried out at the zoo with the financial assistance of the Central Zoo Authority Responsibility of states to explore possibilities 19/05/2011 Download
28 Circular on Surplus population of Leopards in Zoos 05/05/2011 Download
29 Circular on Prohibition on feeding of live animals/birds to zoo animals being a punishable offense u/s 11 (m) Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 07/02/2011 Download
30 Circular related to Leptospirosis 04/10/2010 Download

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