Orders and Circulars

# Name Date Download
1 Installation of CCTV cameras for effective monitoring of food provided to captive animals housed in Zoos 27/12/2018 Download
2 Submission of Statuary Annual Report by the Zoos to the Central Zoo Authority – Format thereof 12/09/2018 Download
3 Control Measures against spread of Babeosiosis among captive wild animals housed in the zoos 26/03/2018 Download
4 Report of Avian Influenza in Bengaluru – Improvement of Bio-Security measures to avoid spread among captive birds housed in Zoos – regarding 04/01/2018 Download
5 Circular on Submission of the Master (Layout) Plan and drawing of enclosure for approval of the CZA. 18/08/2017 Download
6 Circular on Policy on Establishment of Dolphinarium 13/08/2013 Download
7 Circular on Policy on Establishment of Dolphinarium 17/05/2013 Download
8 Circular on Guidelines for submission of design of the animals enclosure to the Central Zoo Authority. 12/09/2011 Download
9 Circular on Guidelines for the preparation of Master Plan for the zoos. 05/07/2010 Download
10 Notice on Submission of Master plan for the long-term development of the Zoos. 24/09/2009 Download

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