Guidelines and Procedure to be followed by Ministries / Departments in connection with Parliament Questions.
  Guidelines for Developing Mechanism for Mobilizing Financial Support for Supplementing Management of Zoos
    Guidelines for exchange or transfer of animals between zoos
  Guidelines for facilitating effective and scientific management of zoos in India.

  Guidelines for establishment of new zoos.

  Guidelines for marking of animals and birds
    Guidelines on minimum dimension of enclosure of housing of animals of different species in zoos
    Guidelines for conservation breeding progamme
    Guidelines for establishing safari parks in the existing zoos
    Guidelines for transport of captive wild animals
    Guidelines for release of zoo animals into the wild
    Guidelines on use of innovative exhibit design and barriers design for holding and display of animals and birds
    Guidelnes for management and maintenance of elephants in circuses
    Guidelines for utilization of volunteers in zoo management in India
    Protocols for transportation of wild animals
    Policy on establishment of Dolphinarium.
    Procedure and process for acquiring animals from zoos abroad.
    Suggested health monitoring protocol for zoos
     Advisory - Banning Elephants from Zoo Collections
    Recommended guidelines during stakeholder meetings on "Elephants upkeep in zoos".
    Measures for preventing Avian Influenza
    Central Government Orders prohibiting sale of animals in zoo
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